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Mental Health & Wellbeing Gifts

We know that when staff feel valued and appreciated at work, there are huge benefits to a business: staff retention, solid team morale and fewer absences to name but a few. Making people feel valued is at the heart of Gilded Bee, whether that's employees, customers or other key stakeholders. With our wellbeing gift hampers, we take this one step further by also supporting at least one of the widely recognised 'five steps to mental wellbeing'.

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Wellbeing Gift Hamper with Love Cocoa Hot Chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows and Denby mugs

Cosy Moments

Handcrafted Denby mugs, Love Cocoa hot chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows and a 100% recycled wool blanket.

Wellbeing Gift Hamper including The Comfort Book by Matt Haig, Lexon bluetooth speaker, Aery candle and Love Cocoa Hot Chocolate

Comfort Box

Haig's Comfort Book, a wonderful source of optimisim, pocket-size speaker, soy wax Aery candle and Love Cocoa chocolate buttons.

Wellbeing Gift Hamper with Love Cocoa truffles, Join-products and Home book

The Feel Better Box

Join's vegan body care, luxury chocolate truffles and a book about how a having 'green' home can positively impact our wellbeing.

Wellbeing Gift Hamper with Campfire gin, Wanderlust journal, Jollie's socks and a black+blum food flask

Wanderlust Gifts

Everything you need to dream big and travel, complete with Jollie's softest, organic cotton socks.

Gift hampers with elements that support the give pillar of wellbeing by giving back to planet or people in some way.

Gifts With Purpose

Gift hampers with elements that support the give pillar of wellbeing by giving back to planet or people in some way.

Gift Hamper including The Lagom Book by Niki Brantmark, Emma Alington mug and Pause Candle

Gifts for Balanced Living

The Lagom book, all about the Swedish art of balanced living, British-made, ceramic mug and a natural, soy wax Pause candle.

Gift Hamper including The Comfort Book by Matt Haig, Lexon bluetooth speaker, Aery candle and Love Cocoa Hot Chocolate

Pause Wellbeing Gifts

Rich, intense and fruity Love Cocoa chocolate, Pause epsom bath salts and a natual, soy wax candle.

Wellbeing Gift Hamper with yoga mat, Nemi tea, Chilly's water bottle, exercise sliders and cards

Feeling Sporty

With a Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat made from natural tree rubber and exercise sliders that will challenge your core.

The Thought Behind Our Wellbeing Gifts

For gift giving, research proves that it's the thought that counts. That's why each of our hampers are carefully designed to create a meaningful moment for recipients. Our wellbeing hampers do this by supporting at least one of the NHS' widely recognised 'five steps to mental wellbeing: Connect, Move, Learn, Give and Live in the moment'.

Click the dots beneath the images or scroll across to see the five steps to mental wellbeing.


Gifts designed to bring people together, whether in person or virtually.


Gifts designed to get you moving.


Gifts designed to help you have fun learning something new.


Gifts with purpose that help more than just the recipient.

Live in the moment

Gifts to help you press pause and tune in to the present moment.

    Client Wellbeing Gift Projects

    Great British Outdoors

    Move & Moment

    A gift that was sent to recognise and reward team members of DWD Property and Planning Consultancy during a Covid-19 lockdown period of working from home. The gift was inspired by their normal spa and walking team weekend away.

    Jon Pollard Gusbourne Wines Chief Vineyard Manager

    Yoga Inspired Gift Hamper

    Move & Moment

    We work with a global social media platform to provide gifts for their content creator community as part of a large virtual wellbeing event . This gift included a pure copper water bottle, mini terrarium and equipment to practice yoga at home.

    PA Consulting Spanish Feast

    Spanish Feast

    Learn & Connect

    Employees at a large consulting firm got to chose their own gift from a range of themed hampers using our bespoke gift portal. One of the options was Spanish Feast, which was designed to help recipients learn something new, whilst connecting with others.

    An End-To-End Gifting Service

    Make It Personal

    Add touches to make it truly your gift. We love to include gift notes, which can be handwritten or printed, with or without your company logo. We can also incorporate a corporate colour in the gift wrapping, and discrete logos on the gifts themselves.

    Data Made Simple

    We love data at Gilded Bee. You can securely provide us with all your data points, or we can set up a bespoke online portal for recipients to confirm their own details and preferences, all in line with the latest GDPR guidelines.

    Trusted Delivery

    We use the trusted APC Network for delivery of our gift hampers. APC specialise in the handling of fragile, high-value goods, and all of our deliveries are timed and trackable.

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