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Sustainable Business Gifts

Sustainability and wellbeing are at the heart of what we do at Gilded Bee. All our gifts are focused on making people feel great, whilst limiting their impact on the environment.

The brands we’ve chosen to work with such as Blästa Henriët and Join aren’t just lovely to look at, sustainability is at the core of their business. Their products enable the recipients to lead more sustainable lives and/or are environmentally friendly. 

Our Approach To Sustainability


We passionately believe that you are better to give fewer gifts well, than lots that are unappreciated. If you only have a few pounds to spend on each gift, we recommend putting it towards a good cause instead.


Our gifts are intended to be used or appreciated for years to come. Whether that’s reusing our black+blum food flasks or regifting our beautiful gift boxes for your own gifts, we believe in the Circular Economy of reusing and recycling. 

Gift Hamper with Love Cocoa Hot Chocolate and Ceramic Mugs


We use biodegradable, recycled or compostable gift outer packing protection for delivery. We recycle our waste where possible and work closely with local schools, supplying them with arts and craft material from offcuts.

Gift Hamper with Pause Journal, Love Cocoa Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows


We work closely with you in order to source gifts that will not only wow your recipients, but are gifts that they actually want and need. We’re proud that each of our gift boxes is a mindful, considered purchase.

Gift Hamper with Nemi Teas, Chilly's Water Bottle, Yoga Mat and Sliders


The brands we choose to work with aren’t just lovely to look at, sustainability is at the core of their business - from Blästa Henriët's yoga eye pillow to Chilly’s insulated food pots.

Ecologi Reforestation


We work with climate activists Ecologi and together we have planted hundreds of trees. We’re taking carbon out of the atmosphere as well as creating employment and restoring wildlife habitats.

Join Eco Candles

Handcrafted in small batches in the UK
Sustainable Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow

Sustainable Blasta Henriet Eye Pillow Gift

Natural Materials certified free from chemicals and harmful dyes

Join Botanical Diffuser

Created using only natural, organic, plant based ingredients

Frank Green Re-Usable Cup

Eco innovation winner 2018

Eco Friendly Gift

Joco Glass Re-Useable cup

Chilly's Insulated Food Pot

From £18

Windowsill Herb Garden

From £30
Love Cocoa Chocolate

Handmade Chocolate In the UK

Plastic free sustainable packing and one tree planted for every bar of chocolate sold

Copper Water Bottle

From £45

Room Mist

From £14

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