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Gift Experience Workshops

Gilded Bee Gift Experience workshops are creative and professional workshops offered year-round. During each workshop, guests create their own stylish gifts to be cherished for years to come.

Our workshops are designed to accommodate all creative abilities, with our friendly hosts simplifying the process, making it accessible for everyone to follow along, enjoy, and craft a unique, premium piece.

Moreover, our workshops are highly adaptable to your event's needs. Our pop-up workshop stations are perfect for press events and social gatherings, while our guided, more in-depth workshops serve as inspiring and creative team-building activities during corporate away days.

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Personalised bauble station workshop

Bauble Station

An informal, drop-in bauble workshop, ideal for press events and social gatherings.

Contemporary wreath workshop for corporates

Wreath Workshop

Seated wreath workshop where guests craft a contemporary, dried flower wreath adapted to the seasons. Tailored to your event, these sessions can take 45 mins-2 hrs.

Seated personalised bauble workshop

Bauble Workshop

Personalised bauble workshop taught to a group of guests. Tailored to your event, typically lasting 45 mins-2 hrs.

Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop

Seated terrarium workshop where guests plant their own succulent arrangement in glass vessles. These workshops can be tailored to your event and range in duration from 30 mins-2 hrs. 

Wellbeing Workshops

At Gilded Bee, we believe gifts and experiences can play an important role in promoting positive wellbeing. We follow the NHS’ ‘five steps to mental wellbeing’ when designing many of our gifts and experiences, ensuring they support at least one of the important steps. Taking part in one of our creative team workshops allows participants to ‘learn something new’, ‘be in the moment’ and ‘connect with others’, making them ideal activities to take part in as part of a wellbeing initiative or away day. 

Postal Workshop Kits

We offer a range of host-your-own kits that we can ship to your chosen location or recipients. Each kit includes everything you (and your group) need to create your own stylish piece including instructions. 

Ideal for small team groups or virtual events, or for a mindful activity for the recipient to do at their own time and pace.

Our creative kits can also be included in larger gift hampers with other thoughtful pieces to create a special moment.

Bauble Kit

We deliver a Bauble workshop kit complete with everything you need to host a unique event for friends, family or colleagues. Your guests will love taking home their personalised baubles. Typically takes 15 mins-45mins.

Host your own wreath making kit

Wreath Kit

Create stunning, dried flower wreaths with one of our wreath kits. We select the flowers based on the season, and each kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful wreath. Typically taking 45 mins-1hr.

Desk terrarium with optional branding

Desk Terrarium Kit

In this compact kit, gift recipients can easily assemble their own stunning desk terrarium. The kit includes a semi-precious stone, an air plant, gravel, a vessel, and customisable instructions. There is also an option to have your brand engraved on the glass vessel.

Macrame Spiral Key Ring host-your-own kit

Macrame Spiral Key Ring Kit

Modern, eco-friendly macrame kit with everything you need to make a keyring. Each keyring takes between 30 mins-1 hr to produce and is an ideal, mindful moment activity as it requires a level of concentration to complete.

Gilded Bee Workshops

Creative & Professional Workshops

Gilded Bee Gift Experiences are creative and professional workshops available all year. Guests craft their own stylish gift to treasure for years to come.

Suitable For All Creative Abilities

Designed for all creative abilities, our friendly hosts make the process simple for anyone to follow along and create a unique premium piece.

Adaptable To Your Event

Our workshops are adaptable to your event. We offer pop-up workshop stations which are ideal for press events and social gatherings, whereas our guided and more in-depth workshops make for an inspiring and creative team-building activity on corporate away days.

Natural & Sustainable Materials

All of our workshops are designed with sustainability at the heart. Packaged in reusable and recyclable bags and boxes made from recycled materials. We never use single-use plastic. 

Crucially, the items that guests make are pieces that are designed of a premium quality to be enjoyed year after year.

We use naturally dried and preserved flowers in our Bauble and Wreath Workshops, not only do they look gorgeous, but they are kind to our planet.

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