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The Gilded Bee Guide To Corporate Gifting

Business gifting is an effective way to connect with the people most important to your organisation. It can however be a time-consuming minefield. Use our comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way to a successful gift solution.

At Gilded Bee we provide thoughtful gifts and experiences for the people most important to your business.

Over the last three years companies big and small have benefitted from our end-to-end gifting service helping them to save time, and get the most from their gifting budget.

From our extensive experience we have pulled together this comprehensive guide to corporate gifting for you to use as a tool to develop  your own successful gifting strategy.

This Comprehensive Business Gift Guide Covers:

Getting Started

Covering all the things you need to consider and understand before you start searching for the perfect gift.

Deciding On Budget

This section is more than just how much you have to spend, it’s how you allocate budgets, and what tax and policy guidelines you need to consider. Spent wisely, you can get the most of your budget what-ever it is.

Gift Selection

The fun bit, or is it? In this part of the guide we give tips on creating and selecting a gift which is personal, meets your time scales, creates the feeling your aiming to achieve and considers sustainability.

Finishing Touches

It’s all about the finer details, learn how you can create that wow moment when your gifts are received. Exploring bespoke gift cards to branded gift wrap details.

The Follow Up

Gifts are lovely to send, but many business leaders do not fully value their importance. In this section we explore why you should measure the impact of your gift and how to measure and align it back to core business objectives, to keep you business leaders happy.

Contact Form

In order to send you the best suggestions, please tell us a little bit more about what you are looking for. Information such as; who are the gifts for, why are you sending gifts, when do you need your gifts for, and what your budget is, is all very useful.
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Take A Look At Some Of Our Top Selling Gifts

Wellbeing Gift Set

Take a moment to pause

A set to allow a reflective moment and will show recipients that their wellbeing is a priority.

Whether considering your employees or other key stakeholders in your business, this set, comprising a mindfulness journal with a relaxing eye pillow and candle is a winner. 

Token Gift

Branded decorations

We're rather fond of this little fellow. As part of Gilded Bee's first in-house collection, he is very popular.

This piece would be great on its own as a small token. It can also be combined with a book to encourage the recipient to take some time for themselves.

Games Night

For people who love to entertain

Help recipients to spend some quality time with loved ones this Christmas with Ridley's games.

Sold in sets of two with lots of different titles to choose from, they make the ideal gift to suport family values. And for under £30 whats not to love!

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