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Hair 365 Delegate Event Gift

We were approached by 365 Hair, who provide successful business coaching to salons, to create a gift to present to delegates at their two-day Autumn Symposium.


Hair 365 wanted to make their guests feel really appreciated, to enhance their experience and for them to have something to take away from the day creating a lasting memory.  From our initial meeting it was clear that Gilded Bee as a business had a lot of shared beliefs around making people feel valued and we were then subsequently asked to speak at the Symposium on the subject.


  • A gift for 100 delegates 
  • Recipients were male & female, wide age range
  • Mainly member salon owners but also some team members of salons
  • Event gift needed to be practical and compact for delegates travelling home from London venue
  • The previous gifts had included a scented candle.
  • Gift should feel luxurious


The gift would be presented at the event whilst we were speaking to the delegates.

365 Hair’s ethos has 5 key steps.  It was preferable to reflect this in the event gift .

A gift was required that felt personal and would reflect the close relationship that 365 Hair has with its members.


A number of ideas were put forward and the gift that was chosen as the most appropriate was a mini terrarium kit. This was comprised of a bowl vase, an appropriately sized airplant, a gemstone chosen from a mixture of Quartz, Rose Quartz and Pyrites and then aquatic gravel to provide a base. This gift and its particular components were chosen as it would create a piece that was completely unique for each recipient. The plant and gemstone would also help to reinforce the messages of growth and wellbeing.

Included in the gift box would be a bespoke set of instructions to make up the terrarium and care for the airplant and bespoke gift card. The instructions would have 5 steps to reflect the 365 Hair ethos. Illustrations were created in-house and wording for card and instructions was collaborative to ensure the message was clearly communicated.

Gift wrapping was a reflection of 365 Hair’s branding.  Using a white keepsake gift box and royal blue grosgrain ribbon as a nod to the brand colours.  Then using 365 Hair branded tissue paper and sealing sticker inside. 

The Terrariums were given to members while we discussed the importance of communication and beautiful presentation. The gifts were well received.

Really loved working with you and look forward to working with you loads more!
Victoria Palfreeman - 365 Hair

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