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Gift Brands With Purpose

We love working with companies with strong ethical values and real purpose. We think its really important when giving gifts to give items that leave a positive impact, not just on the person who receives them, but on the wider community and planet. 

Our gifts are designed to make people feel great, and what better way to do that, than with items that also pay it forward.

One of our core values is to work with small UK businesses to limit travel emissions and support local business communities. Here are just a couple of UK brands that we love to work with and why. 

Jollie's Socks - Sock It To The Homeless

We stumbled upon Jollie's socks when researching brands with purpose. Ed the founder of Jollie's, decided to set up a company to help homeless after volunteering for Shelter. He found that one of the most needed items to make life on the streets even a tiny bit more manageable was socks.

Fresh socks might not seem like a life-changer, but for those walking the streets, day and night foot health is essential. It was clear that out of all of the clothing donations given to shelters, socks were the most needed but least donated.

So, Ed got out his crayons, designed some socks, found a friendly factory and spent his student loan on the first run of stock. He started selling to anyone interested. Friends, family, cat and dog. And for every pair he sold, he donated a pair to a shelter.

That was 2012. They’ve built a family of wearers and sharers donating thousands of pairs of socks to over 50 shelters nation-wide.

Love Cocoa

One tree planted for every bar sold

Love Cocoa - Growing A Better Future

Love Cocoa, is a premium chocolate company founded in 2014 developed by James Cadbury (the great-great-great grandson of the original Mr John Cadbury). Sharing his Cadbury ancestors’ ambition to create something "absolutely pure, therefore the best" Love Cocoa make their artisan chocolate bars using the finest South American cacao.

In 2018 they famously featured on Dragon’s Den, securing two offers before deciding to walk away from the deal later.

The brand takes great care in sourcing its chocolate from sustainable sources and guaranteeing cocoa farmers a higher than market price. They have made it their mission to create a fairer and more sustainable chocolate industry. Their chocolate is beautifully packaged in retro style eco packaging.

Working with Trees for the Future for every bar sold they plant one tree. In 2020 they helped plant over 500,000 trees. Using technicians who have been trained under the Trees for the Future’s Forest Garden Training approach to plant and care for the seed saplings. The program has been designed to increase income and promote better nutrition among millions of chronically hungry people through planting trees. This approach gives families the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a system that not only sustains and empowers them but changes their lives forever.

We love this brand due to their ethical and sustainable approach and great tasting chocolate.

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