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Thoughtful Gifts For Employees

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Christmas is a time of joy, gratitude and giving, making it the perfect opportunity for employers to express appreciation with thoughtful gifts for employees. This year, go beyond the usual festive hamper with gifts that convey genuine gratitude and consideration for dedicated employees. Let’s now explore some gifts that will make them feel truly valued this festive season.

1. Customised Gift Hampers

Putting careful consideration into the contents of your gift hamper is a great way to show your appreciation. One Christmas gift idea is our Family Party set, designed to help the gift recipient and their family have a blast together this festive season. With fun games like Twist & Sprout to delicious drinks and snacks, it’s a set designed to extend its warmth to the entire family, a thoughtful touch that goes beyond the individual recipient. For the most thoughtful gifts, take the time to understand their preferences, interests and dietary requirements, as well as choosing a theme that will resonate and how the gifts will be wrapped, and you’ll be sure to get a gift they’ll love. And if you’re in need of any help with this, Gilded Bee is an experienced partner in crafting meaningful Christmas gifts for employees, on behalf of our clients.

2. Paid Time Off Or Extended Holidays

The gift of time is invaluable, especially during the busy Christmas period. Consider offering employees extra paid time off or extended holidays to spend time with their friends and family, or just to get through their never-ending to-do lists! Pairing this with a gift can encourage them to make the most of their time off. Our Cosy Moment hamper is a family-friendly gift including a set to toast handmade marshmallows and warming hot chocolate as an alternative to traditional alcohol-filled hampers. This combined gift demonstrates your commitment to work-life balance and acknowledges the importance of family and friends during the festive season.

3. Wellness And Relaxation Gifts

While the festive season brings joy and excitement, it can also bring along a certain amount of stress and pressure! Some of the most thoughtful gifts for employees promote relaxation and wellbeing. Our wellbeing hampers are designed to support at least one of the NHS’ ‘five steps to mental wellbeing’, from games to bring people together to Pause journals to encourage a moment of mindfulness. Our Great British Outdoors hamper, for instance, includes gifts that inspire an active lifestyle, to live in the present and embrace new experiences. Wellness and relaxation gifts are a brilliant way to showcase sincere consideration for the wellbeing of employees at Christmas.

4. Personalised Thank You Notes

In the digital age, a handwritten thank you note can have a big impact. Express appreciation by acknowledging their unique contribution and highlighting strong performance to show that you recognise and value their efforts. This simple gesture fosters a strong sense of belonging within the organisation. At Gilded Bee, all of our hampers come with personal note cards. We offer several options: printing, writing a personalised message on your behalf, or sending you blank note cards directly for you to pen thoughtful messages before sharing the gifts with your recipients.

5. Team Building Experiences

Strengthen the bond among employees by organising team-building experiences. Consider activities like cooking classes, creative workshops or outdoor adventures. These activities not only foster camaraderie among team members but they also create lasting memories way beyond the Christmas period. At Gilded Bee, we offer Bauble- and Wreath-making Workshops which not only make for inspiring and creative team-building activities, guests get to craft their own stylish Christmas gift to treasure for years to come.

6. Gifts That Give Back

Increase the impact of your gifts by choosing from our Gifts with Purpose collection. Not only are these thoughtful gifts for employees, they also contribute to meaningful causes. For example, by choosing our Beach Clean Hamper, you've helped save 1.1 tonnes of plastic from waterways, supported local economies and the repurposing of EVA plastic into stunning notebook covers. Through our Nemi Teas, you've supported refugee employment and training, and with Arthouse chocolate, you've nurtured artistic talent in adults with complex needs. In addition, thanks to our partnership with climate activists Ecologi, you'll also have contributed to the planting of 100 trees. All off this impact at a cost of just £78 per gift. If you're interested in allocating a portion of your gift budget to your ESG initiatives, please feel free to speak to us.

In Conclusion

So let's make a difference by offering meaningful Christmas gifts that show genuine appreciation to employees. Gifts that go beyond material value and create lasting impressions, fostering a sense of belonging and gratitude that they’ll carry into 2024. By choosing gifts with purpose and full of thought, we can strengthen bonds, promote wellbeing and cultivate a positive work environment that lasts beyond the festivities.

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