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Boost Your Corporate Gifting Strategy: Embrace the Power of New Year Corporate Gifts

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New year corporate gifts can be a powerful tool in B2B relationship-building, and the impact goes beyond the tangible. While traditional Christmas gifts flood the market in December, standing out and making a lasting impression requires a fresh approach. New year corporate gifts offer a unique opportunity to break through the noise, personalise your message and elicit genuine surprise and delight. In this blog post, we explore the significance of new year corporate gifts and share some creative ideas to help you make a lasting impression.

New year corporate gifts including eco-friendly yoga mat, Chilly's water bottle, exercise sliders and exercise cards
New year corporate gifts including Micro Adventures book by Alastair Humphreys, socks, Love Cocoa chocolate and a black+blum food flask

The challenge of the Christmas rush

Sending gifts during the expected Christmas rush can dilute the personal touch of your gifting strategy. With most corporate gifts exchanged over Christmas, the challenge lies in distinguishing your gifts from the flood of treats and presents. To maximise the impact of corporate gifts, considering alternatives to Christmas becomes essential.

The power of hyperpersonalisation

Successful B2B companies are focusing on hyperpersonalisation, as noted in a recent McKinsey article (Source: The multiplier effect, B2B Pulse, 2023). Personalised marketing and sales interactions, such as corporate gifting, have become differentiators that contribute to increased market share. However, the Christmas rush may compromise the personalised feel of your gifts, making new year corporate gifts a strategic choice.

New year corporate gifts including Energize book, branded eye mask and travel accessories
New year corporate gifts including Energize book, Chilly's water bottle, Bluetooth speaker and a pen

Timing is everything

Timing plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of corporate gifts. In December, it's well-known that employees are mentally distracted from their jobs. With work slowing down during the last weeks of the year, sending new year corporate gifts ensures that your gesture is noticed and appreciated without the distractions of the Christmas season.

The impact of new year corporate gifts

Welcoming the new year brings renewed energy, commitment and a sense of optimism. A well-thought-out corporate gift hamper that supports a positive start to the year sends a powerful message to your clients or team members. It demonstrates your commitment even after the Christmas season has passed, making your brand stand out in their minds.

New year corporate gifts including Atomic Habits book, Gratitude journal, pen and a branded water bottle

Top New Year Corporate Gift Ideas

New year corporate gifts including Mi Goals progress planner, a pen and a terrarium

Propel Productivity

Diaries, notebooks and executive planners help professionals kick off the year with organisation and planning. We love MiGoals' Progress Planner, with its luxuriously soft vegan leather cover and FSC-certified paper. You'll also discover their Gratitude Journal in our hampers, a space to journal any thoughts, feelings or inspirations.

New year corporate gifts including Gratitude journal, Lemon mini speaker, Nemi tea and a Chilly's water bottle

Customise Your Workspace

Pen holders and table clocks add value and utility to the work desk, creating a visually appealing workspace. For the ultimate desk setup, indulge in our Morning Motivation sets. These include a Lexon Mino+ Bluetooth speaker with impressive sound quality, accompanied by Nemi green tea - a brilliant choice for a stress-relieving cuppa.

New year corporate gifts including Ocean Bottle, chocolate and Stand4 Socks

Embracing Resuables

Water bottles and reusable containers are proven to be better for health, planet and pocket. Our go-to reusable bottles are from Ocean Bottle, a brand dedicated to cleansing our oceans of plastic waste. Additionally, we love the reusable food flasks crafted from insulated stainless steel by black+blum.

New year corporate gifts including Pause journal, Denby mugs, hot chocolate and a recycled lambswool blanket

Mugs & Cups

Daily essentials like mugs and cups ensure your brand is a part of their daily routine. The ceramic mugs featured in our Cosy Moment set come from Denby. They're British-made with the option of personalisation. This set also includes vanilla bean marshmallows and a recycled lambswool blanket for added warmth and comfort.

New year corporate gifts including a branded ceramic mug from Emma Allington, the Lagom book and a candle

Mental Wellbeing

Gifts like motivational books, Pause journals and soothing candles contribute to their mental relaxation and wellness. This is all the more important in the new year when employees can be faced with January blues.

New year corporate gifts including a yoga mat, Nemi Teas and exercise sliders

Physical Wellbeing

Encourage movement and a release of endorphins with gifts for the great outdoors, or our Feeling Sporty set includes everything from an eco-conscious yoga mat to exercise sliders.

New year corporate gifts including a Beach Clean notebook, Nemi Teas, Arthouse chocolate and an Ocean Bottle

Gifts That Give Back

We’re delighted to see a growing number of clients asking for gifts that contribute to meaningful causes. One of our newer gift partners is Liga who create beautiful, refillable eco notebooks made from recycled plastics. We also proudly feature Arthouse for their delicious chocolate, all while supporting employment and nurturing the artistic talents of adults with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs.

New year corporate gifts including ingredients for a Spanish feast

Learning A New Skill

Research shows that learning a new skill can boost self-confidence, raise self-esteem and help build a sense of purpose. Why not support their mental wellbeing and expand their palate with our Spanish Feast hamper? Discover a world of flavors with handpicked ingredients like squid ink, saffron and paprika, empowering you to create a delightful paella feast for cherished moments with family and friends.

In Conclusion

At Gilded Bee, we understand the importance of making the people crucial to your business feel valued. Our new year corporate gifts focus on sustainability and wellbeing, ensuring your gifts effortlessly align with your values. Make a lasting impression with thoughtful and personalised gifts that set the tone for a successful year ahead. Get in touch with us to discover how our gifts can elevate your corporate gifting strategy.

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