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Make a meaningful impact on employees with Sustainable Business Gifts

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In today's world, sustainable corporate gifting goes beyond mere token gestures. Employers now seek to make a meaningful impact with their sustainable business gifts, not just for the recipients but also for the planet and society. At Gilded Bee, we take great pride in offering corporate gifts for employees that carry a purposeful message. With each hamper sold, we plant a tree through our partnership with Ecologi, contributing to a greener environment. Moreover, many of our suppliers share our vision and give back to society in their unique ways. Let's explore these sustainable corporate gift ideas from some of our suppliers who join us in making a difference, ensuring that our corporate gifts hold both sentiment and purpose, and can help our clients move towards achieving their CSR targets.

Sustainable business gifts including Love Cocoa chocolate, cocktail set, Seedlip, Christmas tree candle and a bauble
Sustainable business gifts including Love Cocoa chocolate, food flask, socks and Micro Adventures book

1. Love Cocoa: where sustainability gets delicious

When it comes to curating our sustainable business gifts and hampers, we source only the finest chocolates, and one of our standout suppliers is Love Cocoa. This ethical chocolate brand perfectly aligns with our commitment to sustainability and empowering cocoa farmers. With every bar of Love Cocoa chocolate sold, they plant one tree through their partnership with Trees for the Future. This initiative not only aids reforestation efforts but also supports local communities, uplifting their livelihoods and environment. When your employees feast on Love Cocoa chocolate from one of our hampers, they’re also contributing to a brighter and greener future for the planet.

2. Nemi Teas: Brewing opportunities and inclusivity

Nemi Teas is one of our trusted go-to tea suppliers. Beyond providing organic-certified, top-quality teas, Nemi is committed to creating positive social impact. They offer employment opportunities to refugees, empowering them with local work experience and job readiness skills to integrate into the UK job market. Moreover, all of their tea bags are plastic-free, and their packaging is biodegradable, minimising their environmental footprint. Each cup of Nemi Tea in our sustainable business gift hampers not only warms you up from the inside out, but it also supports a move towards a more inclusive and eco-conscious world.

Sustainable business gifts including Nemi Teas, a Chilly's water bottle, eco yoga mat and exercise equipment
Sustainable business gifts including Stand4 Socks, Love Cocoa chocolate and a reusable water bottle

3. Stand4 Socks: Comfort and care, not just for our feet!

In our corporate hampers, we believe in including products that not only provide comfort for the lucky recipients, but also carry a greater purpose. Stand4 Socks perfectly embodies this philosophy. Their socks feature cushioned soles, offering both comfort and style. However, the goodness doesn't end there. For every pair of Stand4 Socks bought, they donate a pair to the homeless, providing warmth and care to those in need. With these socks, we can make a small difference to the lives of those who need it the most.

In Conclusion

At Gilded Bee, our sustainable business gifts for employees are selected based on the belief that giving with purpose creates a lasting impact. Our hampers not only help your employees feel engaged and appreciated, they also help our environment and society in positive ways. With each hamper sold, a tree is planted, contributing to a greener legacy for future generations. Our suppliers, such as Love Cocoa, Nemi Teas, and Stand4 Socks, share our vision of giving back and having a bigger purpose.

By choosing our meaningful Christmas gifts for employees, you're not just gifting your staff, you're also contributing to brilliantly sustainable and inclusive initiatives.

Sustainable business gifts including Circular & co. reusable coffee cup and Nemi Teas

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