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Behind The Scenes: How We Prioritise Sustainability For Your Conference Gifts

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Step into the world of Gilded Bee, where we develop sustainable and purposeful solutions for your event and conference gifts. Beyond the ordinary realm of branded pads and pens, we see promotional items as a canvas to reflect the values your company embraces, and to create a memorable impact on your event participants. Many of the gifts we offer have a story to tell, from water bottles supporting the collection of ocean plastic to teas empowering refugees.

Join us on a journey behind the scenes as we unveil the criteria and thoughtful considerations that shape our selection of eco-friendly conference gifts.

Conference gifts including a Progress Planner, terrarium and pen
Conference gifts including a Rains travel bag, Join products, Lexon Bluetooth speaker and a Blasta Henriet eye pillow

1. Lifespan and utility

When curating merchandise for your conference, we contemplate the potential lifespan of each product. Will it be a fleeting moment, or is it destined for a longer, purposeful existence? We ask ourselves if the item is genuinely useful in recipients' day-to-day lives, ensuring it doesn't end up discarded.

One standout example is a set we presented in a Rains weekend bag, eliminating the need for a traditional canvas or paper gift bag. Engineered for robustness and longevity, recipients were able to repeatedly reuse their bag. The set featured organic bath products from Join and a washable eye pillow crafted from recycled waste fibres. It's not just a gift, it's a lasting companion that extends well beyond the event itself.

2. Quality matters

Being eco-friendly isn't enough, it's about the quality of your conference gifts too. A reusable water bottle may be sustainable, but if it lacks durability, it might end up as waste. We strive to provide items of exceptional quality, ensuring that your branded gifts become cherished possessions, not just momentary novelties.

Take, for instance, our Gifts Which Give Back set, featuring the Ocean water bottle. Not only does it play a crucial role in addressing the ocean plastic crisis, but it also boasts an anti-leak seal, an easy carry loop and dishwasher-safe convenience, among many other features. This is a great example of sustainability meeting genuine product quality.

Conference gifts including Ocean water bottle, Love Cocoa chocolate and Stand4 Socks
Conference gifts including Travel items like a face mask, wash bag, eye mask and toothbrush and toothpaste

3. Branding with purpose

Careful consideration goes into the branding process. We evaluate whether the recipient would genuinely appreciate your logo on the item. Some products lend themselves to branding, while others require subtlety. Our approach often involves discreet branding through smaller logos, branded packaging or creatively including your corporate colours into your conference gifts.

Consider our Traveller set as a great example of our creative branding expertise. Beyond the branded tech tidies and British-made face masks, this set showcases eco-friendly brand Haan's refillable hand cream and toothpaste, alongside a custom-printed bamboo toothbrush. It's a testament to how branding can seamlessly merge with the essence of the gift itself. 

4. The 6 R's Of Sustainability Framework

Gilded Bee abides by our very own 6 R's of Sustainability Framework: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; Relevant, Responsible, and Reforestation. Taking "Responsible" as an example, we choose partners whose commitment to sustainability aligns with ours, going beyond merely avoiding harm to actively doing good in the world. 

In our curated hampers, as shown in the Morning Motivation set, we collaborate with Nemi Teas as our premier tea supplier. Nemi doesn't just offer plastic-free, organic-certified tea bags with biodegradable packaging, they also extend a helping hand to refugees. By providing employment opportunities, Nemi not only equips refugees with local work experience and job readiness skills for the UK workforce, but they foster their integration into broader society. Nemi Teas isn't just about tea, it's a commitment to doing good for both people and the planet.

Conference gifts including Gratitude Journal, Nemi Teas and Chilly's Water Bottle
Conference gifts including Blasta Henriet eye pillow and Perilla socks

5. Supporting local and doing good

To minimise environmental impact and support local economies, we primarily source from small British independent companies. Consider our Pause set for a moment. It features luxury alpaca bed socks from Perilla, where the yarn undergoes a journey from dyeing in Scotland to knitting and finishing in England.

But our commitment goes beyond products. With every hamper sold, we plant a tree through our partnership with Ecologi. Together, we've made a significant impact on the environment, creating employment opportunities and restoring wildlife habitats.

6. Recycling initiatives

Embracing the ethos of "Recycle" and “Reuse” within our framework, we utilise biodegradable, recycled or compostable materials for our gift packaging. We never use plastic in our packaging, and our printed cards are deliberately uncoated to facilitate recycling. Waste is recycled whenever possible, and we collaborate with local schools, providing them with arts and craft materials made from offcuts. Furthermore, we champion the reusability and upcycling of our high-quality gift boxes. Beyond their initial purpose, these boxes are versatile companions - ready to be repurposed as a gift box once more, utilised for household storage, or even transformed into something entirely new through creative crafting at home.

Conference gifts including a Bauble making kit

In Conclusion

At Gilded Bee, we believe conference gifts are about more than just branding. We work collaboratively with you to understand your event objectives while always prioritising the environmental impact of our gift solutions. As your trusted gifting partner, we navigate the event planning rollercoaster with you, ensuring every gift makes a lasting impression. Reach out to us, and let's make your next event truly remarkable.

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