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Beyond Logos: The art of personalisation and branding at Gilded Bee for unique employee appreciation gifts

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Here at Gilded Bee, we understand that to achieve unique employee appreciation gifts, it’s about more than simply printing your logo on an item. The gifts are an opportunity to express appreciation, strengthen relationships and make a lasting impression. Our approach to corporate gifting goes beyond mere branding, we focus on personalisation and thoughtfulness. In this blog post, we'll delve into how we transform ordinary gifts into meaningful gestures.

Unique employee appreciation gifts including travel items like a face mask, eye mask and travel tooth brush, and a branded gift box
Unique employee appreciation gifts including the Energize book, pen, Bluetooth speaker, personalised bauble and branded gift box

Personalisation for the recipient

Corporate gifting is about the people who receive the gifts, not just your brand. We believe in creating gifts that resonate with the recipients, ensuring usability and value rather than disposable novelty gifts that harm the environment. Our emphasis is on discrete logo placements, incorporating brand colours into the gift wrapping, or adding your recipient's name or initials to the gift itself.

Creative branding options

While we value subtlety in branding, we also offer creative ways to make your unique employee appreciation gifts truly yours. Here are some of the techniques we’re proud to use for our clients:

1. Foil Blocking

Elevate your gift box or card with foiled branding. We can emboss your logo onto a wide range of products and packaging, adding a touch of sophistication.

Unique employee appreciation gifts including Mont Blanc foil blocked gift box
Unique employee appreciation gifts including engraved pure copper water bottle

2. Engraving

Subtle and elegant, engraving allows you to personalise a variety of materials, from plastic and metals to glass and wood. We have previously elevated everything from the bottom of our pure copper water bottles with exquisite engraving, to Chrome Fisher Space Bullet Space Pens for Samsung, resulting in brilliant feedback from the gift recipients.

3. Illustration and Design

Our in-house designers can create bespoke menus, 'how-to' cards, stationery, gift cards and more. Stunning illustrations can bring out the theme of your gift or brand, like the reindeer bauble shown on this Christmas set, or a scissors illustration we designed for a gift card for 365 Hair.

Unique employee appreciation gifts including reindeer bauble, cocktail making set and a pre-mixed cocktail
Unique employee appreciation gifts including face mask and hand sanitiser

4. Embroidery

Ideal for custom merchandise, we've personalised everything from face masks for Women In Defence, to travel sets for Virgin Media.

5. Bespoke Metalwork

Elevate items like books and notebooks with our bespoke metal pieces. Personalised and branded clips and bookmarks, available in various metals, offer unique options for customisation. We've supplied clips for clients like Capital One, and bookmarks for a special touch when gifting books.

Unique employee appreciation gifts including items for brunch and a branded bookmark
Unique employee appreciation gifts including personalised bauble, a Christmas tree candle and marshmallow set

6. Personalised Baubles

For a festive touch, we offer personalised baubles that can accompany your Christmas corporate gift hamper, or as a stand alone gift. Clear baubles with natural flower or foliage fillers, matched to your brand colours, can be personalised with vinyl names or letters.

7. Gift Wrapping

Create a memorable first impression with custom tissue paper, branded ribbon and sealing stickers. Our packaging options offer a cohesive aesthetic that complements your gift's contents.

Unique employee appreciation gifts including Cocktail making set and snowflake gift tag

In Conclusion

Whether you're giving 10 unique employee appreciation gifts or bespoke merchandise for a global event, you're in expert hands at Gilded Bee. We're here to help you make a meaningful impact with every gift. Contact us to explore how we can turn your corporate gifts into memorable gestures that reflect your brand's values and thoughtfulness.

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