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Client Christmas Gift - PP Wealth Financial Planners


Gilded Bee were asked to create a Christmas gift for the clients of PP Wealth.  The client wanted a gift that would help them stand out during the busy festive period. It would ideally reflect the friendly relationship that PP Wealth builds with it’s clients whilst still being professional, and attention should be given to the wrapping and presentation. All gifts were to be sent directly to the recipient’s homes.


We wanted to reflect the warmth of the PP Wealth team by choosing a gift that had a sense of fun and personality.

We wanted to ensure some elements of corporate branding were incorporated with the gift whilst not detracting from it.

As the clients were private families the gift needed to pick up on this personal side of the relationship and give a nod to the ‘family’.

Gift Solution

The gift selected was a set of two trivia games.  It was deemed a great choice as it encouraged families to get together over the busy festive period for some quality time and most importantly, some fun!

The gift was then beautifully wrapped in a classic, black rigid gift box with an inner wrap of tissue and a PP Wealth branded seal.  Then finished with a festive gold ribbon. A gift card was included, each one individually addressed to the recipient with a personal message from the PP Wealth team and the company logo.  The card featured one of our signature illustrations based on Emily’s original artwork.

All 60 items were despatched directly to the recipients and were well received in plenty of time to be enjoyed over the festive period.

"We wanted to send a gift to our clients to encourage them to spend time with family and friends over Christmas. We took Gilded Bee’s advice on what to give, the presentation of the gift and how to give it. The response we got from all of those clients was incredible. We received responses such as “exquisite”, “thoughtful” and “beautifully presented”. The exercise generated so much goodwill amongst our clients"

Colin Tate - PP Wealth

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