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Wellbeing Gifts

Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. Our gifts are designed to make the people who receive them feel great. From the moment they receive their wellbeing gift they’ll be delighted by what they find. 

Choosing a gift that actively supports one or more of the core pillars of wellbeing is a great way for an organisation to show that it is committed to the mental and physical health of its employees or wider network.  

Aside from knowing that you are instrumental in an individual’s happiness, taking steps to promote good workplace wellbeing can improve productivity, motivation, retention and even attract people to your organisation.

Wellbeing Mindful Gift Hamper

With mini terrarium kit, relaxing candles and lambswool blanket

Employee Wellness Care Packages

Why is employee wellbeing so important?

With working from home now common place our working and personal lives have merged into one, making work much more personal. As employers now that our employee's for the most part are in effect ‘living at work’ our responsibility for our employees wellbeing is more important than ever before. 

Employee wellness and wellbeing goes beyond health alone, it's all encompassing and includes your mental health, feeling valued, social connections and physical health. Studies show that employee wellbeing and engagement directly links to job satisfaction and in turn productivity. We take a holistic approach working closely with you to understand your company and culture to create an engaging employee care gift that provides your employees with items that can support living a happy and healthy life. 

As someone once said to us “You don’t just hire the parts of a person that does a role, you hire the whole person”.

5 Pillars to Wellbeing

Our wellbeing gifts address the core pillars of mental health wellbeing; connect, move, learn, give, and live in the moment.


We understand that good relationships are important for your mental health. The global pandemic has made it harder to connect in person than ever before, with many people reporting they feel isolated or lonely. Our entertainer gift sets are designed to bring people together whether that is in person or virtually.

Wellbeing Connect

Picnic hamper with garden games and sweet treats


Being active is not only great for your physical health, but for your mental health also. Our get active sets include elements to inspire the recipient to move with items such as walking socks and a micro adventures book, bluetooth mini speaker or yoga equipment there is something for everyone.


Keeping your brains active by learning new skills is both emotionally rewarding and helps to boost self-esteem. It can also give you a new purpose or reason to connect with others. It doesn’t have to be something new and big to learn it could be something simple like learning a new recipe to cook and sharing with your co-workers, or growing vegetables in your garden.

Wellbeing Yoga Inspired Gift Hamper

Mindful gift set to help you take pause

Great British Outdoors Inspired Gift Hamper

Everything you need to explore the great outdoors and relax your tired muscles

Learn To Grow

Seedbom With Various Seeds


Research shows that acts of kindness and giving can in turn improve your own mental health wellbeing. We work with ethical suppliers with many supporting charitable causes and we are corporate partners of The Hospice of St. Francis. We can also help support charitable donations with each gift box sold, or why not send a gift that includes an element where the recipient can pay it forward such as a jewellery making set.

Live In the Moment

It’s too easy to end up rushing from one thing to the next with no time to breath, and to forget to pause and appreciate what we have. Our ‘A moment to yourself’ gift set includes all the tools you need for a thoughtful moment. From our Pause journal, candles and our beautiful tactile bone china mugs many of our gifts help to create the space you need in your day to stop and reflect.

Wellbeing Live In The Moment

Charlie Mackesy thoughtful book with Pause candle to create a moment to reflect

Wellbeing Gift

Organic and sustainable eye pillow

Time To Relax

Wellbeing natural aromas

Working From Home Wellbeing

Time For Tea

Wellbeing Inspired Books

Japonisme Gift Set

Employee Wellbeing Self Care

Pause journal for a moment of reflection

Learn To Grow

Gardeners Gift Set

Wellbeing Connections

Virtual Coffee Morning Gift Set With Bespoke mug and plate

Wellbeing Growing Themed Terrarium

Mini Desk Terrarium Kit With Airplant

Rituals Lost & Found

If you’ve made it this far on this page, then you are obviously very interested in Wellbeing. We believe that your daily rituals can play an important part in your overall wellbeing. The Global Pandemic and associated disease control measures put in place have changed our daily rituals, many of which we took for granted. Over the last year we’ve all had to reassess our daily lives and adapt to new rituals. 

We’re running a survey on rituals and how the global pandemic has affected them. We’d love to know a little more about yours. Please follow this link to a google form to tell us a little bit about your daily rituals lost and found.

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