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Rituals Lost & Found

I was once told that to understand someone’s self worth you should take a look at their underwear draw and their toothbrush. The condition of items that were really only for the owner’s use or pleasure would give you a sense of how much they valued their own happiness.  Whilst I think you could certainly hold this to be true in many cases I would also urge you to consider the rituals in a person’s life as a gauge of self-esteem.

The term ritual can have a religious or even certain sinister connotation, but in truth can be defined as such:

‘An act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner’

Rituals interest us so much at Gilded Bee as we believe that these acts, when carried out with purpose and intention, albeit sometimes subconsciously, can be both the product and enabler of good wellbeing.

For example, there are two of our team here at Gilded Bee that always have a cup of tea first thing in the morning.  For one it’s a hastily brewed PG tips teabag in the first mug to hand and this will be the first of maybe four similar cups in the day - very much a habit.  For the other, this will be their only cup of the day, brewed with whole fortnum’s Jasmine pearls in their favourite tactile mug savoured as a few moments to themselves before the hectic day starts.

The Impact Of The Global Pandemic On Our Daily Lives

The Global Pandemic and associated disease control measures put in place have upended our daily rituals and the strong emotional ties associated with them. Whether it was Friday after work drinks with colleagues or Saturday morning Yoga class, losing our rituals affects us all in some way.

Over the last year we’ve all had to reassess our daily lives and adapt to new rituals, perhaps you now start your day with a live Peloton ride or enjoy a weekly zoom family get-togethers. 

For most we are no longer working from an office or even working from home, we’re ‘living at work’. Our working and personal lives have merged into one, making work much more personal. As employers, now that our employees for the most part are ‘living at work’ our responsibility for our employees wellbeing is more important than ever before. Supporting and influencing new positive rituals can play a part.  

We asked those nearest and dearest to us to tell us a little bit about how their daily rituals have been impacted over the last year. In this series we will explore this topic deeper bringing you real examples from real people. 

Emma Alington

Tell us a little bit about you.

I've been running my own ceramic design business since 2013, I live in Henley-on-Thames with my partner, Josh, and my dog, Herbie, and work from a small studio not far away in Berkshire.

What were some of your rituals before the pandemic that you miss most?

A stop off at our local pub after a weekend dog walk - really miss catching up with locals over a pint! We've really missed having people over too. My partner is a great cook and would find any excuse to light the bbq and have friends over for supper.

What are some new rituals that you have discovered since the start of the pandemic?

I've got back into running which has massively helped me stay sane! I've also really got into gardening.. last Spring and this season I've planted loads of veg, herbs, and flowering seeds ready for the months ahead. I find it a very relaxing/rewarding task on the weekends.

How do you see your rituals changing as lockdown restrictions loosen?

I've got much better at planing my day-to-day schedule to half an hour time blocks...this is a new thing since lockdown no.2 as I really felt like I started to drift and not maximise my time. It's such a useful task and I'll definitely keep that up.

What rituals do you think are here to stay?

Enjoying time spent at home relaxing...which sounds mad because we were all sick of being made to stay at home, but actually I've found I'm better at just relaxing and taking some me-time when needed. I rarely did that before due to always feeling like I was in a rush to go somewhere.

Tula Hart

Tell us a little bit about you.

Event management student at MMU. Project Manager Third Eye Events. Enjoy the outdoors / very driven and absolutely love putting on events!

What were some of your rituals before the pandemic that you miss most?

I was very structured . Worked out most morning. I did classes at the gym which kept me focused . I also liked going into uni going to the library to do my work

What are some new rituals that you have discovered since the start of the pandemic?

I go for walks every day now to clear my head I got into yoga more recently and meditate frequently.

How do you see your rituals changing as lockdown restrictions loosen?

I have found it hard to adapt to lockdown where I was confound to my house and technology became massive and I am a sociable person who doesn’t really love technology that much: But I have loved finding myself through he lockdown being content in my own happiness . Participating in yoga and walking daily

What rituals do you think are here to stay?

Daily nature walks !!!

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