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The Gilded Bee Guide To Corporate Gifting - Part 1

Business gifting is an effective way to connect with the people most important to your organisation. It can however be a time-consuming minefield. We've created a series of blog posts to share our comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way to a successful gift solution. 

Over the last three years companies big and small have benefitted from our end-to-end gifting service helping them to save time and get the most from their gifting budget. From our extensive experience we have pulled together this guide to corporate gifting for you to use as a tool to develop your own successful gifting strategy.

In part one of this five-part series we look at all the important decisions to be made before you can start choosing your gifts.

Getting Started

It’s important to spend some time exploring who you’d like to send gifts to and why.

Your Goals

So, you’ve decided to give a gift to a key stakeholder in your business. Being clear on why you want to give a business gift will be vital in creating a solution that engages your recipient and continues to build your relationship. 

Do you want to say thank you for a job well done? Do you want to recognise success? Do you want to cement a strong relationship? Do you have corporate values you wish to recognise? Understanding these objectives in advance will make the process more focused and will help you to tell your story.

Common Gifting Moments:

•Customer Christmas gift
•Employee Christmas gift
•Employee recognition gift
•Congratulatory gift
•Sorry gift
•Event gift
•Competition winner gifts
•Gifts to give in meetings
•Marketing campaign gift such as new product launch

Your Gift Recipients

Along with common considerations such as gender and age, it is also important to consider where the recipients are based. International gift giving can be complex, with many cultural considerations to consider. We can regularly be found making sure certain colours and numbers are avoided, or even reviewing coffee table books for traces of nudity! We understand the sensitivity needed in the global forum.

Universal Gift Appeal

How tailored you can make a gift to the individual’s interests and passions will really depend on the group you are gifting to. For example, if the gift is for the annual get-together of a cycling association, then there will be a clear common interest to draw inspiration from.  However, often you will be gifting to a group that is diverse, and you will therefore need to take a broader look at common values and universal appeal.

One option could be to segment the group, perhaps by gender or interest. This can be very effective, but it adds a new layer of complexity and may not be operationally possible. It can sometimes be an option to have the best of both worlds, by having a common core gift and then tweaking or adding to it depending on the recipient.

Gift Recipients' Reaction

How would like the recipients to feel when they receive your gift? This will vary dependant on the occasion for the gift, it could be surprised, valued, intrigued appreciated or even shocked, but it should always be the intention to provoke a reaction of some sort. 

You can use the gift card and the timing of when the gift arrives to help support the emotion you are trying to achieve. For example, sending a gift with a gift card saying thank you a few days after you receive a referral would make the recipient feel valued.

Next time...

In Part 2 of our corporate gifting guide, we will continue the journey, talking about all the budgetary considerations needed when choosing a great business gift.  If you would like a copy of the complete guide, please use the form below or use the button below to contact us and start giving great corporate gifts!

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