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Choosing Great Business Gifts for Christmas

It's Not Me, It's You...

Whilst wrapping up the highly flammable Elsa costume that a friend’s 3 year old daughter had requested as a birthday present, I reflected on the dichotomy of gift buying.  

As I wrestled yards of synthetic tulle into unicorn wrapping paper I mused that, as much as the little princess in-the-making would love this... was about as much as I hated it.  It’s an eternal dilemma of gift giving, and nowhere more so than with Christmas business gifts. You desperately want to give your recipient something they will love, that resonates and is very them, whilst simultaneously being a reflection of you and your tastes and preferences.  In the case of business, this will be your brand, your values and very likely an important marketing message you are trying to communicate. Oh, just a small ask then?

Bespoke Business Gifts

This, combined with tight budgets is why we see so many ‘lowest common denominator’ gifts.  

We don’t always recommend against it…  Generic, more traditional corporate gifts have become staples for a reason.  Practical items such as notebooks and pens that will be in your recipient's hands all the time. But only the right ones will really deliver your message and be remembered for the right reasons. In fact we don’t say ‘good gifts and bad gifts’, more like, ‘right gifts and wrong gifts’ in a particular context.  So If you are keen to go for a more traditional gift here are a few things to think about:

  • Rather than putting together a goody bag of lots of bits and pieces consider just spending that same budget on one, high quality item that will be kept, and appreciated.  
  • Sustainable gifts are super popular, but if giving a reusable water bottle or coffee cup consider that your recipient may have already been gifted a number of these -what will make yours special?  We always research and compare these items carefully to make sure the function and form are a perfect fit for the purpose. Do you need to emblazon it with your logo? Maybe a pop of your corporate colour or a witty message printed on the cup could do the same job.
  • A pen is a great gift but instead of the usual throw-away biro, how about a brass refillable rollerball with a protective sleeve that can be embossed with a logo or message?
  • Ditto Notebooks.  Everyone loves and uses them.  But what will make yours special?  A tactile cover in linen or leather executed in a pop of colour or even classic black.  Emboss with your recipients initials or a pertinent message. If possible save your corporate messages for the back or the inner papers.
Bespoke Business Gifts
Bespoke Business Gifts
Branded Notebooks

So far so lovely.  But with the right information and a bit of effort you can create a gift that will still have broad appeal but tick a lot more boxes.  Here are a few examples of gifts for christmas and beyond:

  • The right Christmas decoration will be brought out for years to come.  But that does not mean a sparkly decoration with a logo stamped across the front - no one wants their tree to look like a billboard.  Let design come first and incorporate a logo on the back of a decoration, becoming a subtle tiny element. At a push it can be strung with branded ribbon for a subtle reminder.  We encouraged Virgin Media to put their brand message on the back of a bone china bauble, making the bespoke reindeer illustration on the front, the star.
  • A growing gift.  We’ve found these to be relevant in so many situations.  From seedboms to mini desk terrariums. Kits can be created to make a practical, portable solutions.  The gift itself can incorporate brand colours and the accompanying instructions & giftcard offer so many opportunities for branding and marketing messages.
Bespoke Bone China Bauble
Bespoke Business Gifts
  • Hampers are a fab choice, espcially if the budget can be carved out to make them really special. Food and drink is great but ulitimately consumable. Give a memorable, thoughtful gift buy combining pieces that say something about your business relationship or encourage your recipients to take time with loved ones creating hampers for the 'entertainer'.
Bespoke Christmas Hampers
  • Books can make great, thoughtful business gifts.  With literally thousands of titles to choose from, it’s not difficult to find something pertinent to your business message that will encourage your recipient to take some time for themselves.  To add a special touch, you could add a bespoke photo-etched bookmark in lux brass with a custom design.
  • We love a survival kit.  So many opportunities to connect with your recipients.  The kit can be presented in a bespoke drawstring bag with labels and fabric tailored to the brand and event.  Or what about a tin with a custom printed design? You can then go to town with the contents. For the seasoned traveller, how about one or two special, bespoke items like a silk, branded eye mask and passport cover then supported by everyday essentials like earplugs, and a snack.
Bespoke Business Gifts
Bespoke Business Gifts

What do you think makes a great business gift?  Do you agree that with some thought and effort you can create a really special solution?

For more inspration on giving really thoughtful business gifts take a look here.

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