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A Write-Off
A Love Letter to Stationery

Rummage. Not a word I wish to associate with how I conduct myself in business. Or any other setting for that matter. Yet here I find myself, in meeting with a prospective client for the first time and I need something to write with. First I find the pen I must have accidentally taken last time I was in the bank (in an actual, physical bank? That must’ve been some time ago…) well that won’t do, neither will the broken-ended biro, chewed too many times over late-night deadlines. Finally, I pull out one that works.  A branded, flimsy but functional piece that was given at a workshop a while ago. My shoulders slump a little. It’ll work fine, won’t distract from the matter in hand. But there is nothing special about it. It is disposable both practically and emotionally.

It’s moments like this that convinced us here at Gilded Bee that we could do better. We know budgets are often tight but we believe if a little more can be carved out the returns will be there.

When it comes to the event industry many agencies we have spoken with talk a lot about the ‘Journey’ delegates are taken on at the event. Why shouldn’t it continue after the experience? A physical manifestation of the memories you’ve worked so hard to create.

We always say that there is no product off limits. Just because items like pens & notebooks are so synonymous with the promotional merchandise world doesn’t mean that done in the right way they can’t make beautiful, special gifts. Their practical nature means they could be in your recipients hands regularly. The right execution means they will be.

In fact, we’re a little bit obsessed with stationery, and find that a lot of other people are too.  We’re not quite sure what it is, perhaps a nostalgic throw-back to childhood? That back-to-school feeling, new notebooks, novelty erasers and perfectly, freshly sharpened pencils all just waiting to be put to use. One of our most popular sets  is the ‘Workaholic’. It's a set of beautiful stationery that serves as a welcome distraction from the digital and makes the workspace a lovely place to be. There’s no need to stop at notebooks, pens and pencils. We design custom clips, find our trinket trays endlessly useful as desk tidys and even elevate humble rulers and pencil sharpeners, finding them cast in a lux brass.  Just because something is useful does not mean it can’t be beautiful too.

So fast forward a few years and i’ve upped my game.  I find it hard to be parted from my beautiful Mont Blanc rollerball  -a luxury classic which speaks for itself and if budget allows would be welcomed by anyone. However, mixing it up, I am currently using a fountain pen from Kaweco, a great German brand with over 100 years in the pen making business.  It would never languish in the bottom of a bag. It’s compact, lightweight and writes like a dream. The colour is described as ‘Macchiato’ which somehow makes it all the more appealing... I am currently coveting a version cast in brass that could be engraved.  What if you had been the person to give that pen as a gift? To be remembered on a daily basis for treating them to something that reflects how special you think they are, really making a mark (sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Take a look here at our stationery gift inspiration gallery.

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