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Summer Events & Parties

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As I sit here now, preparing gift suggestions for summer events, I am not exaggerating to say the rain is lashing at the windows and i’ve just needed to find an extra pair of socks to keep the icy draft at bay. It feels a long way off from a glorious sunny day at Royal Ascot or The Henley Regatta...  It’s supposed to be spring but we’ve only just waved off (another) round of snow. Still, nature tells us the season is marching on (pardon the pun) with daffodils still doing their thing and the days getting thankfully longer. So whilst I still don’t feel ready to come out of hibernation just yet the summer holidays are being booked and the feeling of sun on my face being anticipated.

I shouldn’t be dismayed, I’ve spent most of my life working in retail where you would never find your workspace indicative of the season you are in.  It would be very normal to attend press shows in July with huge Christmas trees and buckets of fake snow or to be signing off swimsuits whilst warming your hands on pumpkin spiced lattes.

Nothing much changes now. Whilst not quite 9 months ahead we are in the thick of proposing the perfect gifts for summer events.

Of course it really depends. Do you want to give people something when they arrive? Survival kits are perfect, bits and pieces tailored perfectly to a brand and event, blister plasters, lip balm, a mini map of the venue? If you’re at the races then a pair of binoculars or some emergency flat pumps would be extremely welcome. How about a hip flask to avoid any ‘dry’ emergencies or a phone power bank for when your guests inevitably take too many selfies?  The possibilities are endless. It's really all about understanding what will be that special, thoughtful touch for your guests.

Or would it be better to give the recipients something on their way out?  Something to continue the journey your event has taken them on. Gifts around wellbeing, growing and sustainability are so popular and pertinent right now.  We recently worked on a brief for an event on a country estate which was located next to some renowned Bluebell woods. Each guest would take home their own little kit to grow bluebells in a pot at home - almost literally taking home a little piece of the event with them.  

So, the rain seems to be abating, i’m hopeful there will be some sun by tea-time -ever the optimist, I hear there's a mini heatwave on the way... I have a feeling it will be a fantastic summer -did someone say Pimms?!

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