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Celebrating World Wellbeing Week 2023: The importance of prioritising employee wellbeing

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It’s World Wellbeing Week - a timely reminder for businesses to reflect on the wellbeing of their workforce. In today's fast-paced and demanding world of work, the happiness and health of staff have a profound impact on productivity, engagement and the overall success of a business. At Gilded Bee, we believe in fostering a culture of care and support by acknowledging the importance of employee wellbeing. Join us as we explore why prioritising employee wellbeing is not just a gesture of goodwill, but a strategic investment in your business.

What is World Wellbeing Week?

Held annually during the last week of June, and now in its fifth year, World Wellbeing Week provides the opportunity to celebrate the many aspects of wellbeing. From the benefits of doing meaningful work, to physical, mental and emotional health, social resilience and caring for the environment. Initially created in Jersey, World Wellbeing Week is now celebrated worldwide. Together, we can use it as a catalyst to support wellbeing all year round.

Why is it so important to support employee wellbeing and how can businesses help?

With the cost-of-living crisis and ongoing fallout from the pandemic, supporting the wellbeing of employees is more important than ever. Here's why...

1. A boost to productivity and engagement

Happy and healthy employees are more likely to be engaged and productive in their roles. By providing a supportive work environment that values wellbeing, organisations can empower employees to perform at their best. When employees feel their mental, emotional and physical needs are acknowledged and supported, they become more motivated, focused and committed at work.

2. Retention and talent attraction

In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial for any organisation's success. Prioritising employee wellbeing plays a significant role in this. When employees feel valued and their wellbeing is prioritised, they are more likely to stay with the company long-term and shout about it to the wider job market through their networks.

3. Reduced stress and improved mental health

Work-related stress and mental health concerns are prevalent in many industries, contributing to increased absenteeism. By proactively addressing employee wellbeing, organisations can create an environment that reduces stress and supports mental health. Corporate gifts that promote relaxation, mindfulness and self-care can be valuable tools for employees to manage stress and mental wellbeing.

4. Enhanced collaboration and teamwork

Wellbeing initiatives can bring employees together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and promoting teamwork. Corporate gifts that encourage team-building activities, such as board games or outdoor experiences, can strengthen relationships among colleagues. When employees feel a sense of belonging and connection, they are more likely to collaborate effectively and support one another, leading to a positive and cohesive work environment.

5. Work-life balance and flexibility

A healthy work-life balance is essential for overall wellbeing. By promoting work-life balance, organisations demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing. Corporate gifts that support work-life balance, such as fitness equipment or family-oriented experiences, can serve as reminders to prioritise personal time and maintain a healthy equilibrium between work and life.

Wellbeing gifts for staff

Making people feel valued is at the heart of Gilded Bee, whether that's employees, customers or other key stakeholders. With our wellbeing gift hampers, we take this one step further by also supporting at least one of the NHS’ widely recognised 'five steps to mental wellbeing': Connect, Move, Learn, Give and Live In The Moment. From card games designed to bring people together, to gratitude journals that encourage a moment of mindfulness, our gifts are a brilliant way for organisations to show their commitment to the mental and physical health of their employees.

Explore these valuable resources for more support and inspiration

If you’re looking to create an unforgettable wellbeing-themed event, be sure to check out Be In Your Element. From candle making workshops to disco yoga, they specialise in bespoke activities that will leave your attendees inspired and rejuvenated.

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