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Promoting Better Sleep

Prioritising Employee Wellbeing Through Sleep
January in the calendar

As we delve deeper into the age of productivity and efficiency, one crucial aspect often gets overlooked: sleep. Sleep is a fundamental pillar of wellbeing that significantly influences our overall productivity.

Bye Bye Blue Monday

Ideas To Beat The Blues
January in the calendar

In our latest blog post, we delve into simple ways you can beat the winter blues - from physical activity to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, to spending time with others.

Sustainable Conference Gifts

How We Prioritise Sustainability
Conference Gifts including candle, terrarium and chocolates

Discover how we minimise the environmental footprint of your conference gifts, from the brands we collaborate with to our eco-conscious packaging.

Inspiring Work Christmas Party Ideas

Impress Your Team At This Year's Party
Work Christmas Party Ideas like non alcoholic fizz

Break free from cookie-cutter parties & create an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Explore these innovative ideas to give attendees a fantastic perception of your business.

Say Thank You With Corporate Gifts

Go beyond words to make a lasting impression
Best corporate gift ideas including a cocktail making set and Join candle

Showing your appreciation is vital for strengthening relationships. Explore our best corporate gift ideas that go beyond words, to say thank you this Christmas.

Nurturing Wellbeing

Celebrating World Mental Health Day
Team picture

Happy World Mental Health Day! In a world where stress and its impact are increasingly prevalent, let’s prioritise our mental wellbeing by exploring the NHS’ proven steps to keep us well.

Beyond Logos

The art of personalisation and branding
Unique employee appreciation gifts including Gusbourne, Love Cocoa chocolate, Twist tea, book, bookmark and a Pause candle

Crafting unique employee appreciation gifts is an art that extends beyond logo printing. Each gift is a canvas to build connections. Explore imaginative ways to personalise your gifts.

Gifts That Give Back

Gift twice the joy with these gifts with purpose
Sustainable business gifts with Love Cocoa chocolate, Nemi Tea, Circular & co. reusable coffee cup and a lined notebook

Promoting sustainability within your business by offering eco-friendly gifts to staff is not only a brilliant initiative, but a strategic step that can contribute significantly to achieving CSR goals.

Emerging Trend: Gift Experiences

The rising popularity of gift experiences

The popularity of gift experience workshops is on the rise as businesses seek innovative ways to captivate their audiences. We look into why they are so popular.

Thoughtful Gifts For Employees

Show Them Your Appreciation This Christmas

Meaningful Christmas gifts for employees can boost morale and overall job satisfaction, ready for the year ahead. Let’s see how we can make employees feel valued this Christmas.

Boost Your Mental Health

Tips to improve mental health & wellbeing

It’s not only well-chosen gifts that can inspire self-care, trying these tried-and-tested lifestyle changes could help you to live a happier, healthier life.

Brands With Purpose

Friendly UK Brands

Introducing you to some of the brands we love to work with who have big hearts and great products that not only make the people who receive them feel great, but they also do good. 

Maximising Your Gift Investment

Tips for Generating More Value

With budgets being cut and costs escalating, it's more important than ever to give corporate gifts wisely, with every element carefully considered

World Wellbeing Week

The importance of employee wellbeing

In a world that never stops, let’s pause, reflect and embrace the importance of our wellbeing while at work - for World Wellbeing Week and beyond.

Business Book Club

Launch of our business book club
Business book club launch

We love a good read and think books make fantastic gifts. They can help you relax, learn something new and communicate key messages. 

5 Pillars To Mental Health

Thoughtful Wellbeing Gifts With Meaning

Wellbeing hampers that supporting at least one of the NHS' widely recognised 'five steps to mental wellbeing

Sustainability In Events

How to run more sustainable events
Home grown vegetables from Emily's garden

In a challenging Economy is sustainability a realistic priority?

Key takeaways from our round table discussion with industry professionals. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

Nature and our mental health

Getting up close and personal with nature is more important than ever before. We explore some of the benefits of nature on your mental health and share some of our tips.

Sustainable Packaging

Reuse & Recycle

Ideas on how reuse and recycle your Gilded Bee keepsake gift boxes and packaging.

Employee Engagement

Improve engagement with thoughtful gifts

We often lose sight of how important our employees are (and that includes you too, company owners/founders). Through well timed and thoughtful gifts you can create a feeling of appreciation and goodwill in your organisation, supporting overal employee engagement.

Giving Gifts At Virtual Events

Connect virtually with physical gifts

Read our six top tips on giving something physical at virtual events to help engage and connect audiences when meeting physically isn’t possible.

Rituals Lost & Found (Part 1)

Rituals and Wellbeing

Part 1 in our series on Rituals, we introduce the topic and share some of our interesting findings from our recent research conducted on rituals lost and found. 

Guide To Corporate Gifting Part 4

Finishing Touches

We regularly receive feedback on the ‘wow’ moment people experience when opening our gifts. Care and attention has been given to every element of the gifts presentation, from the colour of the hand-tied bow, to the thoughtful message in the gift card.  Every detail is an opportunity to represent your brand and express yourself. 

Growing Gifts

a place in the sun

We all learnt about it at school. The cycle of growing.  I still remember drawing that diagram depicting photosynthesis.. ..that care and attention for such valuable reward is such a good metaphor for a successful business it’s almost embarrassing…  

Staying Connected

Gifts To Help You Connect

For many working from home is the new normal. Staying connected and showing your appreciation as a business is more important than ever.

Guide To Corporate Gifting Part 1

Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to give a gift to a key stakeholder in your business. Being clear on why you want to give a business gift will be vital in creating a solution that engages your recipient and continues to build your relationship. 

Guide To Corporate Gifting Part 2

Budegtary Considerations

From our extensive experience we have pulled together this guide to corporate gifting for you to use as a tool to develop  your own successful gifting strategy. In part 2 of the guide we consider your budget and how best to use it.

Guide To Corporate Gifting Part 5

Measuring Impact

In the final post of the series we consider the importance of measuring the impact of your gift and reflecting on it's success. Capturing feedback from your gift recipients is a useful technique to help you justify future gifting budgets and understand what your recipients value most.

The Christmas Party Show

Creating Memorable Experiences

This year we were delighted to be a part of the Christmas Party Show. Hosting a bauble making workshop and a seminar we demonstrated what it takes to create memorable experiences in events.

Fun Festive Event Additions

Recommended Event Suppliers

The London Christmas Party Show in May brought the best of Christmas events to Plaisterers’ Hall. With a mix of venues and suppliers it was the perfect place to source some fun festive additions to liven up your Christmas party.

Guide To Corporate Gifting Part 3

Gift Selection

In parts 1 & 2 we looked at 'Getting Started' covering everything needed when planning a great corporate gift including budegtary considerations.  Now you've done all that careful planning you can move on to the fun bit - the gift itself.

Choosing Great Business Gifts

It's Not Me It's You

It’s the eternal dilemma of gift giving, and nowhere more so than with Christmas business gifts. You desperately want to give your recipient something they will love, that resonates and is very them, whilst simultaneously being a reflection of you and your tastes and preferences.

Celebrations & Rewards

Recognising clients with thoughtful gifts

Whether you are marking a birthday or celebrating a referral, investment or house-move.  These can be really personal moments for your client where your thoughtfulness will really stand out and be appreciated.  The end result? A strengthened relationship and increased advocacy from your clients.

Branding Business Gifts

Things To Consider When Branding Gifts

For many companies branded merchandise is a staple of their marketing mix, which is perfectly understandable. We believe however that careful consideration should be given to items that you plan to give as a gift.

In the Event

Planning for summer events & parties

...Nothing much changes now.  Whilst not quite 9 months ahead we are in the thick of proposing the perfect gifts for summer events.

Manhattan With A Twist

Gilded Bee #2 Cocktail

The ideal cocktail to sip this Christmas whilst browsing our Christmas Brochure.

Get comfy put your feet up and enjoy. 

This is a Manhattan at heart, with a few twists to make it our own.

Christmas Party Communications Tips

5 Tips To Create Anticipation for Your Party
Gilded Bee Christmas Direct Marketing Invite

Lets face it, the Christmas party is the main event of the year for many employees.

It’s the most talked about and eagerly anticipated party for many employees and sometimes the only time they socialise outside working hours with their colleagues and/or customers.

Hands Up Who Buys Champagne

We think your money could be better spent
Hands up who buys champagne, wine or chocolates for their clients or employees at Christmas? Yeah, I thought so. I don’t blame you, there are lots of places out there that make it easy and, after all, it’s kind of what people expect.

Luxury Event Planning

With Amy Burleigh -Raspberry Rhubarb

We recently sat down with luxury event planner Amy Burleigh of Raspberry Rhubarb to get some top tips on how to plan a super luxe event. Here’s what we found out...

A Write Off

A Love Letter to Stationery

Rummage. Not a word I wish to associate with how I conduct myself in business. Or any other setting for that matter. Yet here I find myself, in meeting with a prospective client for the first time and I need something to write with.

Sustainable Packaging

Reuse and Recycle

From day one of Gilded Bee we have always emphasised the importance of how a gift is presented. Another core value is that we should operate sustainably, minimising our impact on our environment.  Marrying these two ideas has always required  thoughtful development.

Business Gifts

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
There were about 8 of us. Gathered in the very corporate board room of one of the UK’s leading cosmetics distributors. We were there for the bi-annual strategy presentation for a premium beauty brand known for its personalised approach to meeting customer’s needs.

Bespoke Business Gifts

The Quaglino's Effect

It was the quintessential 90’s party hangout.  Quaglino’s, under Conran ownership continued the tradition of the restaurant combining great food with a raucous atmosphere that made it synonymous with a good time for nearly 10 years.

Perfectly Presented

Gift-wrapping Tutorial

So you've spent so much time time on choosing the gift that you've run out of time to think about how to wrap it.  Never mind... Wrong! How the gift is presented can be almost as important as the gift itself.

That's a Wrap

Gift-wrapping to Impress

The whisper-woosh as the ribbon is tugged free, the frenzied tear of the tissue and rumage through shredded paper.  A quiet yet special moment of anticipation as a gift is revealed.  Getting there, however is not always so treasured...

Shaken Not Stirred

The Gilded Bee #1

What makes a cocktail?  This was the topic of conversation on a recent night out.  We addressed the barman -surely an authority on these things.  He declared his favourite to be a Jagerbomb so his opinion was quickly disregarded.

Blooming Flowers

Fantastic alternative gifts to flowers

We all love flowers, but do we all love them as gifts? We think there are certain times when flowers are often given when a much more appreciated and suitable gift would have been preferred.

Instagramable Christmas Table

Tables to lust over

For me the Christmas table setting is almost as important as the food. It's the time to be creative and bold, and most importantly to have some fun. 

We explore three completely different looks: Luxe, White and Nordic to inspire you this Christmas.

Christmas Gifts For Employees

Tips and tricks for shopping for staff

Its that time of year again to start thinking about what to get your staff for Christmas.

When we asked business owners what they typically get their staff each year the answer was a chorus of 'champagne, wine, chocolates'. 

Christmas Gift Wrap Tutorial

Your festive guide

When you've spent so much time choosing the perfect gift, neglecting to pay attention to how it is presented is a serious mistake. A little bit of thought and care can show the recipient just how important they are to you.

Vicky's Amazing Trifle

A yummy twist on a traditional trifle
Who doesn’t love a trifle?  We love to serve one up to whoever is around on Boxing Day.  Perfect party food when served in individual glasses as pictured or for the family in one big dish.  

Try this family friendly recipe with white chocolate and raspberries.

Looking Back & Moving Forward

Gilded Bee turns 1!

To think that this time last year Gilded Bee was barely a glimmer in mine & Emily’s eyes’.   We were reflecting on a Christmas of crazy bauble making...

Christmas Decoration Trends 2017

Style inspiration for this holiday season

With Christmas just around the corner we’re getting very excited about this year’s decoration trends.  Here are some that we’ve spotted which are easy to recreate.

Bauble Workshop Launch

New Workshop for Christmas 2019

We are excited to announce our personalised bauble making workshop, new for Christmas 2019.

The bauble making workshop takes one of our most popular gifts, the personalised bauble and allows your guests to have a hands-on engaging experience making it.

Connecting with Corporate Gifts

The Devil is in the Detail

As I work on one of our bespoke business gift orders today, it strikes me how, even with the simplest of projects, once you start paying attention to the details the gift really evolves into something else entirely.

Business Gift Fulfilment

End-to-end tailored gift solutions

Sometimes all you need is someone to help you ensure your gifts are presentated beautifully and arrive safely.

Read on for our ten point gift fulfilment plan.

Motivate The Mind

Mental Health Virtual Webinar

Third Eye events have organised a virtual event on the important topic of mental health wellbeing in support of Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind.

Best Employee Christmas Gift Ideas

10 gifts to show them they’re really valued

Be inspired by these thoughtful employee Christmas gifts that show your appreciation. And not only for employees, we think clients and other business stakeholders will love them too.

New Year Corporate Gifts

Boost Your Corporate Gifting Strategy
New year corporate gifts including copper water bottle, yoga mat and block, a Pause journal and more

In our latest blog post, we uncover why new year corporate gifts can be a powerful tool in B2B relationship building and explore some brilliant new year corporate gift ideas.

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