We're adding some sparkle to the way businesses give gifts

Make the people who matter most to your business feel valued

At Gilded Bee we're adding a bit of sparkle to the way you give corporate gifts. We understand that it's tricky to find thoughtful gifts for the people who matter to your business. Let us help you give them something extraordinary that makes them feel valued.

Effortlessly simple to give

We’re making it easy to give business gifts. With our bespoke gifting service, we tailor gifts to your brand and the message you want to convey. Or you can choose something at your convenience from our online shop, which will be wrapped and delivered with the same care and attention.

A pleasure to receive

Gilded Bee gifts aren't just a pleasure to own, they're a joy to receive. Our gifts arrive beautifully wrapped in our signature packaging, with a handwritten personal notecard to create a special, memorable moment.

Your personal shopper for business gifts

Unique gifts for your employees and customers

When designing a bespoke business gift solution, we start by listening to you. We want to understand your brand story and the way you'd like the people who receive your gifts to feel as they open them.

Then we do the tricky, time-consuming work for you and come back to you with gift package ideas and designs that suit both your budget and timescale.

Once you're happy with what we've proposed, we'll package your gifts with care, wrap them beautifully, and even deliver them for you.

Contact us for help finding thoughtful gifts for the people who matter to your business.

Shopping online for business gifts with Gilded Bee

We’ve curated some gorgeous gift suggestions in our catalogue for you to discover at your convenience. Every item comes wrapped in our signature packaging as standard with handwritten notecards. Many of our pieces can also be personalised with your branding.


We understand that when you’re ordering gifts for a large number of people, you also need them to be individually delivered to each recipient. We’ll do this for you. Just select the multiple address option at the checkout and we’ll contact you to understand exactly when and where the deliveries need to take place. It’s all part of the Gilded Bee gifting experience.

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