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Staying Connected Whilst Working From Home

As lock down eases it seems most of us are finding a new normal, which for many involves working from home (for now at least). Maybe you like lists for everything, and a military approach to your personal and work life, with projects going on aplenty. Perhaps you are using this opportunity to slow right down and revel in not needing to ‘be’ anywhere.  The common theme seems to be the need to connect with others – albeit virtually, to offer support and as a comfort to ourselves.

For us at Gilded Bee, well it’s business as usual – sort of. We are still busy working on thoughtful gifts for those that matter most to your business. We started in 2016 with two children under-5 each so we know a thing or two about flexible working! Home schooling has added a whole new level to the work life balance, but we're getting there just about.

We are lucky to have a set-up where we can continue to propose fabulous, thoughtful gifts and get them sent straight to your recipients.  This is done whilst still respecting the need for ours and your safety and not compromising the social distancing guidelines.  That includes extra hygiene measures when packing up and contactless delivery.

For us, like most, the end of March and beginning of April was challenging to say the least.  At this time of year a lot of our gifts are for parties and events all of which were cancelled or postponed.  But in the following weeks we’ve seen a gradual shift.  Where viable, clients are looking at the opportunities this situation presents.  With no real idea when lock-down restrictions will be fully lifted or tightened again, people are seeking those important connections, still looking to recognise those most important to their businesses with gifts.  Whether it’s with teams now working remotely, or clients that had been invited to a summer party who you can now only see on a Zoom call.

Examples of gifts to help you connect whilst at home

As a stressful time for many it can be good to recognise the need for a bit of quiet time reflecting.  Whether that’s with one of our Pause sets (from £45) with a mindfulness journal and relaxing eye pillow  or a hamper including  british made pieces like bone china mugs and hand-poured candles (from £36).

Spending more time in our homes is making us more aware of what is around us.  We are finding that pieces to add greenery to recipients’ environments are proving really really popular such as all the elements to create this mini desk terrarium (From £22) or the complete kit (including soil discs and seeds) to grow your own windowsill herb kit (From £32).

Finally, even at a distance you can help to get the party started.  We’re supplying lots of our entertainer kits (From £55) with cocktail shakers and playing cards.  What about pieces to get a family party started with games, mini disco lights, balloons, party poppers and bespoke playlists to stream to really encourage a sense of community (From £55).


Author Emily Stone Co-founder Gilded Bee

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