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The Gilded Bee Guide To Corporate Gifting - Part 4

Business gifting is an effective way to connect with the people most important to your organisation. It can however be a time-consuming minefield. We've created a series of blog posts to share our comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way to a successful gift solution. 

Over the last three years companies big and small have benefitted from our end-to-end gifting service helping them to save time, and get the most from their gifting budget. From our extensive experience we have pulled together this guide to corporate gifting for you to use as a tool to develop  your own successful gifting strategy.

In parts one to three we covered everything you need to think about when creating a gifting strategy and the considerations needed when choosing the gift itself.  Now we look at how those finishing touches will cement your narrative and ensure your gifts are truly memorable.

Finishing Touches

We always say that the gift is only half the story, and how it is presented should continue that story.  

Gift Presentation

We regularly receive feedback on the ‘wow’ moment people experience when opening our gifts. Care and attention has been given to every element of the gifts presentation, from the colour of the hand-tied bow, to the thoughtful message in the gift card.  Every detail is an opportunity to represent your brand and express yourself. For event gifts we often colour coordinate gift wrap with the event scheme colours.

You may want to consider bespoke elements such as foil-blocked boxes, or branded tissue and ribbon. Alternatively introduce your brand or theme more gently through the use of colours and the artwork on the gift card.

Ensure you use an accompanying gift card to connect with your recipients. You can use this as an opportunity to explain the significance of the gift as it may not always be obvious to the recipient. This is how you create a truly wow moment. Some times just making a connection and reinforcing the message you want to get across is enough such as “Thank you, we appreciate all of your hard work and everything you have done this year”.


Do you need to distribute at an event or send directly to the recipients. Choosing a trusted courier and making sure your outer-box presentation remains en-pointe will be vitally important.

The timing of the gift can also be important in telling your story.  Whether it’s getting ahead of the crowd with a Christmas survival set in early December or even waiting to send a wellbeing gift in the new year, the message around these gifts will really help to raise engagement.

Next time...

You're almost done! In part 5 we will finish the series with a look at how you should reflect on your gift and measure it's impact. If you would like a copy of the complete guide please use the form below or use the button below to contact us and start giving great corporate gifts!

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