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The Gilded Bee Guide To Corporate Gifting - Part 3

Business gifting is an effective way to connect with the people most important to your organisation. It can however be a time-consuming minefield. We've created a series of blog posts to share our comprehensive guide to help you navigate your way to a successful gift solution. 

Over the last three years companies big and small have benefitted from our end-to-end gifting service helping them to save time, and get the most from their gifting budget. From our extensive experience we have pulled together this guide to corporate gifting for you to use as a tool to develop  your own successful gifting strategy.

In parts 1 & 2 we looked at 'Getting Started' covering everything needed when planning a great corporate gift including budegtary considerations.  Now you've done all that careful planning you can move on to the fun bit - the gift itself.

Gift Selection

So you are clear on the why and who, you can move on to the what. But what are the considerations now?

Personal Relationship

Building a relationship with the choice of gift is a great way to add value. Does your MD have a secret love of card tricks or baking? Use a themed gift to make that connection, but make sure you use the gift card to explain! We once worked with a company who’s MD loves to bake bread, this combined with their strong family values, set the scene for a gorgeous baking set. The gift included a bespoke recipe note book, bread bag and scraper with the message “From our family to yours”.

Time Scales

The lead time available before your gifts are required will have a significant impact on your gift choice.  If you are looking at least four months in advance, and have ample budget, then you can pursue a fully bespoke corporate gift that will uniquely  meet yours and your recipients' needs.

However, if you are looking one month out from an event then you will need to consider off-the-shelf pieces that potentially can be personalised to fit the brief.

Receiving Your Gift 

The size and portability of your gifts should be carefully considered.  You have more flexibility if you are sending a gift directly. However, for event gift giving consider whether your guests need to carry the gift home. Is it relatively compact and presented in a bag? This is one of the reasons our baubles and bauble workshops are very popular event gifts/experiences as they are compact, personal and can easily be placed in gift bags.

You should give extra consideration if your guests are making an onwards journey; say flying home - will the gift fit into hand luggage and comply with travel regulation?


Sustainability is now at the forefront of our minds as givers and consumers. This can be considered in your business gifting in a number of ways. 

  1. Materials: think about what the gift and gift box is made from. Avoid plastics and select recycled gift packaging, ideally made in the UK. Where possible opt for organic cottons and non-toxic inks. Consider the production process of your gift.
  2. Travel: consider the airmiles your gift has accumulated along the way. This is why the majority of our gifts come from UK designer/makers keeping their overall carbon footprint low.
  3. Longevity: avoid disposable gifts. A great gift is one that represents your message that your recipient will value and use. Low value, mass-produced corporate merchandise is less likely to achieve this.  A great example is how often we now see reusable coffee cups being gifted. This means that your recipient may already have a number of them. If you really want to do this, look at quality versions made from more sustainable materials such as bamboo or glass and be sensitive about the way you brand them to ensure they won’t end up at the back of the cupboard, or worse - the bin.
  4. Ethical: where possible buy from trusted suppliers with ethical, transparent supply chains.


Does your gift need to be branded? 

Many companies without thinking,  slap a logo front and centre on their gifts, but for a gift to be valued it should be as much about the recipient as the giver. Do they want something with your logo all over it? Could clever use of  your corporate colours and branded touches, such as, in the wrapping or gift card be more effective?

If  you’ve decided your gift absolutely needs a company logo included, consider how best to do this. Think carefully about the end product. There’s no point putting a huge logo on the front of a beautiful leather journal if it means it will never leave the drawer. How about personalising it with the recipient's initials and then adding your logo on the reverse of the book, or in the front few pages with a personal message?

Next time...

In Part 4 of our corporate gifting guide we look at the  finishing touches. The importance of how a gift is presented and sent is so often overlooked. But we believe as much care and attention should  be given at this stage as at any other. Don't worry we will show you how. If you would like a copy of the complete guide please use the form below or use the button below to contact us and start giving great corporate gifts!

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