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4 Tips To Improve Employee Engagement With Thoughtful Employee Gifts

Author Emily Stone Co-founder Gilded Bee

I once presented at a recruitment event, where the first question to the audience was ‘what’s more important to your business your employees or customers?’

The question was intended to open up debate, and ultimately align the delegates thinking. How would you have answered? 

It was about a 50/50 split, but most of the companies who said employees, said it with the caveat, “well they should be, but in reality we put all of our focus on our customers” this is so true for many businesses.

Yes, we absolutely agree customers are very important, without them our business would go under, but without people (and that includes you too, business owner/founder), well you just wouldn’t have a business at all. Even if you sell products, you need good people for every element of your business at some point. In service industries such as financial services, or consulting your people are part of your extended marketing mix and are your tangible product. 

Keeping this in mind, why do we often lose sight of how important they are. It’s time to celebrate your wonderful people and make them feel valued, and the upshot of this is your employee engagement will improve, which has been proven to boost business performance. Don’t take my word for it though, visit Engage For Success website for lots of insight on this topic.

Celebrate Success

One of our clients celebrates every year at a lovely event all of the employees who have been promoted in the last 12 months. They wine and dine them with their partners, and then present them with a thoughtful gift curated by Gilded Bee.

Thank Your Employees At Christmas

Many companies give bonuses, these are great, but are taxable and become expected. It’s also not a great feeling for employees if their bonus is less than the year before. With a gift you can say so much more. This year we are working with an amazing independent publisher who produce wellbeing journals, one in particular called Pause is such a great book to give to employees at Christmas as it is all about taking some time out for yourself to create time, space and magical moments.

Recognise When Work Loads Have Been Tough

Only today I saw something on instagram under the #internalmarketing that was posted by the wife of someone who had been working very hard, and been away on quite a few business trips. The company he worked for had sent her a gift and a personal message saying sorry, and explained the importance of their role and their appreciation to her and him for making sacrifices at home to help the business. I have no idea what the gift was, but wow, how powerful and thoughtful was that gesture! And better still they spread the goodwill on social media.

Create A Story And Underpin Your Values

Well thought through gifts that support your values can have such an amazing impact. Examples could be “thank you, you’ve been working exceptionally and have demonstrated that you are a true global team player, here’s a personalised travel wallet to help you on your global travels”.

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And lets not forget, visit Engage For Success for more insight on employee engagement.

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