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Case Study -Wills & Trusts Family Client Christmas Gift


Gilded Bee were approached to provide the Christmas gifts for the Family Clients of Wills & Trusts Financial Planners.  The brief was to create:

  • A gift that would make a change from the usual cheese and port or wine
  • Included elements of personalisation without corporate branding
  • Feel personal but still appropriate to the professional relationship
  • 310 gifts each to be sent to individual locations


The Gilded Bee proposal included three diverse ideas each picking up on the key messages to be conveyed.

We wanted the gift to reflect the care that Wills & Trusts take to look after the needs of their clients with a very human approach.

As the clients were private families the gift needed to pick up on this personal side of the relationship and give a nod to the ‘family’.

Gift Solution

The gift chosen was a premium double set of playing cards and a trivia game, with each game presented in its own box.  This was selected as the perfect choice as it was not only  great to encourage families to spend time together at Christmas but also we were able to incorporate a pertinent, little known fact about the MD on the gift card (we’ll have to leave you wondering about that one!)

As always, the choice of gift is only half the story at Gilded Bee.  How we packaged and presented it was almost as important in making the recipient feel special.  

With the gift wrapping we proposed to work with Wills & Trusts’ business colours of black and gold which of course lent themselves beautifully. The keepsake gift box, tissue paper and shred were all in black with the Inner seal sticker a gold ‘WT’ to add an element of business identity and then finished with a beautiful gold grosgrain ribbon.  Each piece included a giftcard with message from Wills & Trusts and depicted a nutcracker sketch which was created in-house.  

All 310 items were despatched on schedule in 6 inches of snow and all but one (which we subsequently hand-delivered) were well received by the recipients in good time for Christmas.

'At last we found a company that gets it!!

For years we have sent gifts and thank-you's to clients. Some were good, and some were, quite frankly embarrassing when I look back at them. But last year we found Gilded Bee, and what a breath of fresh air they are.

Firstly, they actually listened to us and then they thought about what we said in the context of our clients. From this they developed a gift package which was not only within budget, and beautifully packaged, but made us stand you from the crowd. I can't recommend them highly enough.'

David Batchelor -MD Wills & Trusts

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