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Hands up who buys champagne, wine or chocolates for their clients or employees at Christmas?

Hands up who buys champagne, wine or chocolates for their clients or employees at Christmas? Yeah, I thought so. I don’t blame you, there are lots of places out there that make it easy and, after all, it’s kind of what people expect.

It doesn’t have to be the case. The problem with food and drink as a gift choice is that it’s predictability is what can render them ineffective in doing the job you intended. I’m thinking that you want your gift to show the recipient that you have thought about them, that you understand them and perhaps is also an item that says something about the business relationship that you have or would like to have. If that can be done while also communicating your own brand message & values then so much the better.

At Gilded Bee we’re obsessed with finding the right solution for your gifting needs. We start by being a bit nosey. (Ok, very nosey -don’t worry we are always discreet!) about who the recipients are, who you are as people and as a business and what you want the gift to say. Particularly at this time of year we’re all about gifts that encourage people to spend time with loved ones or to take a bit of time out for themselves and relax.  

The Art of The Bar Cart Book & Brass Nutcracker £27

But that would only be half the story. Our mantra is ‘simple to give, a pleasure to receive’  which means we sort all the details for you. Once you’ve made your gift selection we will beautifully gift-wrap and present all items as standard adding any personal finishing touches that you require. Whether you want to include a cocktail recipe in with the cocktail shaker or a handwritten note of thanks to that really hardworking employee, it’s all our pleasure. We can even send the gift directly to the recipient. It’s our most favourite thing to see that we are helping someone to make that connection.‘This all sounds really really expensive’ you’re thinking. It’s really not! Here are a few examples of the sorts of gifts you can give for the same price as you would expect for Champagne and chocolates…

A bottle of champagne with gift box will back at least £50 and once it’s consumed it’s gone. Instead why not send a gift to encourage the receiver to spend quality time with their love ones this Christmas, such as a Ridley game set for only £30.

Or, why not recognise the workaholics in your life and treat them to gorgeous deskware and stationery set rather appropriately named ‘The Workaholic’, which they’ll take pleasure in using.

If after reading this, you still want to send alcohol as you know the recipient will appreciate it, then why not send them their favorite tipple with complementary barware and book, such as the gorgeous Gold Belmont cocktail shaker, Jigger and Book, The Art of the Barcart.

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