Gifts for Events and Parties

We know you have a thousand things to think about when you are planning an event.  We also know you are often working to tight budgets with even tighter deadlines.

Let us take one of those spinning plates.  You can trust us to put in the time, energy and care required to create great, bespoke gift solutions for your events.  We take the stress out of the process and always ensure that the proposals & gifts perfectly represent you and your clients. These will continue the journey your event has taken them on and reinforce the experience you’ve worked so hard to create.

Creating Lasting Memories

So the gifts are a nice-to-do right? They are often seen as an afterthought and the last thing to be ticked off the operational to do list. Why not make event gifts an intrinsic part of your event? We believe, when done well, they offer a fantastic opportunity to leave a lasting memory, building brand advocacy with your attendees and ultimately create better ROI. That may sound bold, but if you think about how many events senior leaders attend a year, it’s hard to stand out and be remembered. They will have experienced a career of mass volume disposable branded items on their travels. Why not change that and let us help you tell your story?


How Does It Work?

We work in a similar way to you, seeking to get inside the head of the client and event along with all the nitty gritty like timings and budgets.

Information gathered, we then use this as inspiration to create a bespoke proposal for you.  Working with in-house design and illustration capabilities and with our wider network of creatives, makers and manufacturers.  If we don’t know someone who makes it –we will find them.  

Our solutions have included Mini Terrarium Kits to promote a message of growth and wellbeing, bespoke British made survival kit pouches for a fashion event, beautifully branded stationery sets and commuter kits.



If it’s a corporate gift there will always be options to add branding touches -from discrete logo placement to the use of brand colours in the product and packaging -we get that it’s still a business gift. And we will always consider practicalities like size and portability, there’s no point going to this trouble if it can’t be carried home!

We’re all the about the finishing touches (they’re just as important as the gift) so that proposal will also suggest a gift wrap scheme and accompanying message.

Once we’ve agreed your final choice we project manage to delivery.  You don’t need to worry about a thing.


Already know what you want that gift to be?  Great, we can still help!  Let us source, beautifully wrap and deliver the gifts to your chosen location.  No more 11th hour bag stuffing or bow-tying for you –we love doing this stuff.

All sound too good to be true?  It’s really not.  Our partners call us a gift.  Brief us and find out why.

Guide To Corporate Gifting

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Event photos used with permission of Andrew Price 

Andrew is an award winning Chilterns based fine art Landscape, Wedding, Events and Portrait photographer living in Tring, Hertfordshire and has always had a passion for the natural world having grown up on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

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